Bingo! Coronavirus scams are so bad, the FTC wants you to play this game

Here in Maine, we love a good game of bingo, but here’s a version you probably haven’t played before. There are so many scams right now, the Federal Trade Commission is trying something new to get people’s attention — SCAM BINGO. During the coronavirus outbreak, scammers are trying to take advantage of people who are scared […]

Want to save money on your medications? Try this!

For savvy shoppers looking to save, coupons are a staple. In fact, one survey found 90% of consumers use coupons. But when consumers search for coupons, most of them aren’t looking to save money on their medications, at least not according to my analysis of Google Trends. In case you didn’t know, Google is tracking […]

Too much junk mail? Here’s how to stop it—and protect your identity

I’ll admit it. I’m an obsessive shredder. Being a consumer reporter will do that to you. But even if you shred, mail can still be stolen out of your mailbox before you can get to it and feed it to the shredder. Sound crazy and unlikely to happen? Kennebunkport police are investigating a “well-run scheme” […]

Dollar store deals: 5 things to buy and 5 to skip

If you’re looking to get a big bang for your buck, you’ve probably visited one of the 156 dollars in Maine. There seems to be no shortage of them, even in rural areas of the state. Call it the Dollar Store Domination. In fact, there are now more dollar stores in Maine than Walmart, McDonald’s, […]

Here’s why privacy advocates are concerned about the “10 year challenge”

If you spend any time at all on social media, you’ve probably seen the “10 year challenge” by now. It’s that thing where people are posting a 2009 photo alongside one from 2019. For many it’s an attention grab — showing off changes (and improvements) in hair, weight, muscle. Like fine wine, we’re all getting […]

Holiday party to help teach financial literacy and benefit other non-profits, too

The holiday season is upon us — the Halloween candy is all gobbled up, Election Day is in the books, and Black Friday fliers are already starting to circulate. As consumers look to ring in the best deals of the season, shoppers say they’ll spend an average of $1,007.24 on gifts, food and other holiday-related […]

Heads-up!! Your Facebook account was not cloned

You can stop forwarding messages to your Facebook friends telling them “almost every account is being cloned.” This is a hoax. Bogus. Not true. It’s like a modern day chain letter. Facebook says there’s been no sudden surge in cloned accounts. But viral messages spreading in posts and messages suggest otherwise. Heads-up!! Almost every account […]

Some cell phone customers are getting refund checks from federal government; here’s why

If you ever got texts with your horoscope, celebrity gossip alerts, love tips, or “fun facts” but didn’t sign up for them, you could be getting some money in the mail. The Federal Trade Commission announced this week it’s sending 22,671 refund checks to cell phone customers who lost money to what’s known as “mobile […]

5 things to know about your record-high CMP bill

1. If you’re baffled by your bill, you’re not alone. Hundreds of Central Maine Power customers are speaking out and saying their bills have doubled (or tripled) for no reason. They’ve even formed a Facebook group—CMP Ratepayers Unite. The CBS 13 I-Team analyzed hundreds of bills but focused on customers who had been in the […]

Attention all Mainers: Freeze your credit; it’s free

If you’re like most people, you probably lock your house, your car doors, your iPhone — maybe even your office and locker at the gym. But did you know that by default, your credit report is unlocked? That’s right — no PIN. No password. Credit reports are compiled by the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, […]