Spectrum discontinues Time Warner’s $14.99 Everyday Low Price Internet

TWC Advertisement screen shot

A girl wishes for a puppy.

Her mom wishes for “affordable home internet” as they both throw coins into a fountain.

Remember that Time Warner commercial?

TWC Advertisement screen shot

It aired as TWC promoted its $14.99 Everyday Low Price Internet, first announced in late 2013.

“I can make that wish come true. With Time Warner Cable’s Everyday Low Price Internet you get the speed and reliability you need for surfing and emailing for $14.99 a month,” explained a man in the commercial who was sweeping around the fountain.

If you want $14.99 internet now, you’ll have to go back to the wishing well.

Time Warner Cable merged with Charter Communications in May 2016, rebranded as Spectrum, and officially announced its launch in Maine on Tuesday with a news release titled: “It’s a New Day: Time Warner Cable is Now Spectrum.”

Spectrum confirmed that “new day” does not include Time Warner’s Everyday Low Price plan.

“Spectrum is a brand-new cable company and we are no longer signing up customers to TWC packages. Current customers can choose a Spectrum package or keep their existing package,” Spectrum/Charter Spokesman Andrew Russell said in an email.

Screen shot from Spectrum website

Time Warner’s Everyday Low Price Internet plan is still included in the “Internet FAQs” section of the Spectrum website, but Spectrum will not let customers sign up or switch to that plan (disclosure: I tried).

Spectrum is offering only two speed tiers – 60 Mbps and 100 Mbps, “with no data caps, usage-based pricing or additional modem fees,” according to a Tuesday press release.

  • 60 Mbps = $64.99 ($53.99 for customers who also have Spectrum TV)*
  • 100 Mbps = $104.99 ($93.99 for customers who also have Spectrum TV)*

“This is the first time residential customers in our Maine service area have access to speeds this fast (TWC’s top local speed tier was 50 Mbps) and we’re excited to make them available for customers here,” Spectrum’s Russell explained.

Spectrum plans to offer lower-cost broadband this spring, with download speeds of up to 30 Mbps, for low-income families and seniors, according to Russell.

*Promotional pricing may be available for new customers

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